Welcome to the Kingdom of Pentwyvern

Where we hit our friends for fun.  Or more accurately we participate in Dagorhir, a medieval and fantasy based re-enactment game with rules for safe combat.

Our group builds foam swords, shields, spears, and other medieval style weapons designed to be safe and fun.  Some people call this is a game, we're closer to the side that calls it a sport.  If you like to hit hard and push yourself this is the place for you.  Check out the Fight page to get started.

If hitting people is not your thing, but you like medieval stuff, we also have a small crafting community obsessed with making things and teasing the fighters.  And as a non-profit we care about volunteering and becoming better people.

Hope to see you soon!

You hit each other? Is that safe?

We use foam padded fake weapons to simulate combat, no punching or real fighting allowed.  There are rules to make sure combat is kept safe and the fake weapons are checked by volunteers.  If the weapon doesn't meet the standards set in the rules then it's not allowed on the field.  However this game is very rough, similar to football or rugby, and is not intended for children.


Who can join the group?  Can anyone fight?

Everyone is welcome to join Pentwyvern, however only participants 16 and older may fight.  From ages 16 - 18 a parent or guardian is required for you to fight, and it's suggested that this person comes with you to events and practices.  We also expect a good attitude, so cheating and poor behavior will not be accepted.


So, what is a Pentwyvern?

Pentwyvern is the name we chose for our medieval re-enactment group, Pent meaning 5 and Wyvern referring to a a mythical beast from legend similar to a dragon (but with only one set of legs).

Our symbol is five wyverns on a checkered background with one gold wyvern in the center. 



What about those other names, like Einherjar and Dagorhir?

In the order of largest to smallest it goes Dagorhir, Einherjar, then Pentwyvern.  Dagorhir is the name of the national game that we play and the rules are used all over the US.  Einherjar is a chapter of that game within Ohio, and Pentywvern is our local group in Lakewood Ohio.  For more information, or to find a group in your state, check out the Dagorhir website.  If you live in Ohio there may be a group near you listed on the Einherjar facebook page.


How much does it cost?

Our weekly practice at Lakewood Park is free to attend.  We usually have some loaner gear for you to try out, and if you like it then we can help you make your own.  From there it costs as much as you want to put into the game.  Other battles and weekend events can cost anywhere from $3 to $25.


Who does this?

Most of our members are around 17-30.  Lots of people started in high-school after reading Lord of the Rings and grew up with the game, others hear about it from their friends and like the idea of acceptable sword fighting.  We're nerds, but you're not going to find a lot of people in our group trying out fake accents or pretending to cast spells.