Downloads for new fighters

Pentwvyern Kingdom Scroll 2014

The 2014 Kingdom Scroll contains information about Pentwyvern's rules, ranks, and customs.  Read this to learn more about the kingdom and how to become a member.

Dagorhir Waiver

This waiver is standard for all Dagorhir events. Everyone is required to fill out a waiver before fighting.  If you are under 18 the waiver needs to be signed by your parents / guardian and notarized.

Dagorhir Manual of Arms

The official Dagorhir rules for fighting rules, weapon dimensions, and acceptable garb.  The rules describe the various types of weapons that are allowed (swords, axes, arrows, etc) and how to judge certain hits (blue sword to arm, red sword to shield, etc).  All Dagorhir events follow these rules.

Kingdom of Pentwyvern Oath of Fealty

The Oath of Fealty is for people who wish to become members of Pentwyvern.  Signing an oath to the Kingdom means you are only a member of Pentwyvern and no other kingdom, but you may still be a member of other units.  Active members are allowed to run for king and vote for king.

Downloads for members of Pentwyvern

Business Cards

We occasionally have some cards at practice to give to members for passing out, but feel free to download the artwork for Pentwvyern business cards and print your own.


Promote a Pentwyvern event using one of our flyers.

Attendance sheets

These are used at practice and battles to keep track of active members of the kingdom.  This pack includes attendance sheets for Practice, Einherjar Battles, and Harvest Feast

Wyvern Artwork

This zipped file contains different file formats of the wyvern artwork used in many Pentwyvern print outs. 

White Hatchling Log Book

A sheet for recording time spent helping the Kingdom with the goal of becoming a White Hatchling.

White Wyvern Log Book

A sheet for recording skills learned helping the Kingdom with the goal of becoming a White Wyvern.