Fighting is the main event of this game/sport.  There's crafting, hanging out, and camping but all those activities gather around fighting. 

A typical event will have anywhere from 2-4 teams fighting each other using the official Dagorhir rules, and rules made up for that battle scenario.  For example we play capture the flag, two big teams, hold a marked point while timed, and death count battles just to name a few.

This is a team sport, so working together is encouraged and makes the game more enjoyable.  Often people who enjoy fighting together with form a Unit, and teams are often divided by Units.

There is also a heavy emphasis on safety.  This game is about as rough as playing football or rugby, and is not intended for children.  That being said we do expect that you will not intentionally hurt anyone or be violent.  All equipment will be checked for safety before it is allowed on the field and before you can fight at all you must fill out an official waiver.  This waiver protects the group and if you are under 18, proves that you have permission from your parents to fight.  Our fighting age is 16 and up.

Want to fight right now?  Awesome!  Let's get you ready for Battle Practice happening this Friday.

First download these two links and read them over.  The first one is the official Dagorhir rules.  This document describes acceptable fighting moves, weapon construction, and garb (costumes).  Someone will be able to explain the rules to you at battle practice but eventually you'll need to memorize them.

The second file is called a Waiver.  We use these for legal purposes, and you must have one filled out for each event, no exceptions.  We usually have some at practice but if you don't want to risk waiting a whole week to fight then bring your own.  There are also some special rules about waivers for minors under 18, in which case you'll need to have your parents sign and get it notarized, which cannot be done on site at practice.  Waivers on file with Pentwyvern are good for one year.

Dagorhir Rules

Dagorhir Rules

Dagorhir Waiver

Dagorhir Waiver

Looking for more? 

Check out the Events page to see what's coming up.  Below is a list of our most popular events.

Battle Practice

Every Friday at Lakewood Park. 5:30 pm - Dark.  Warm months only.

Bring water and your fighting gear, garb not required. Weapons and armor will be checked at the Arms Master's discretion.



Einherjar Battles

Once a month at Plum Creek Park, Brunswick, OH 44212.   Weapons check starts at Noon, Fighting starts at 1 pm.

Water is provided.  Bring your fighting gear, garb required.

See the Events page for dates. 




Once a year at Cooper's Lake Campground. Which starts on a Saturday and runs for nine days.  

This event is the largest national Dagorhir event, drawing thousands of people for a week long camp out filled with fighting and parties.

See the official Ragnarok website for information about pricing and dates.