Pentwyvern has two sets of ranks.  The first is for the Court, or in normal people terms, the people who run the group.  The second set is the list of ranks attainable by any member of Pentwyvern unrelated to any Court rank.   A description of these ranks can be found in the kingdom scroll.

When will I get a sash?

Members of Pentwyvern receive a sash after reaching active status.  This means you must sign an Oath of Fealty, show up to Pentwyvern events, sign in as Pentwyvern at these events, and remain active long enough to hit active status before the end of the fighting season.  Events include Battle Practice, Einherjar Battles, Harvest Feast, and Ragnarok.

Can I keep the sash?

You are responsible for the sash as long as you remain a member of Pentwyvern, but the sashes are Kingdom property paid for by Kingdom funds and must be returned should you ever leave Pentwyvern.  If you lose your sash you pay for the replacement. Sashes give a +5 awesomeness to your butt.

How do I know if I'm active?

We keep a Google Doc updated with the attendance from each Battle Practice, Einherjar Battles, Harvest Feast, and Ragnarok.  Each event has a set number of points.  To be active you must have half of the total number of points. Court meetings do not count towards active status, but often volunteering at Pentwyvern hosted events will increase the number of points you can earn.

How do I earn Ranks?

Both Court Ranks and Achievement Ranks are described in the Kingdom Scroll.  There you'll find more about the rank, how to earn it, any items you may receive, and who can help you earn the rank.  In general Court Ranks are voted on by the group or determined by the King, and Achievement Ranks are earned through actions.